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Saxophonist thom chambers is both a musician and an entertainer. 

He combines the two capabilities seamlessly that ≈ like the chicken or the egg argument ≈ you wonder which came first, the entertainer or the musician? 

Media reviews echo similar sentiments using words like "captivating, entertaining, showmanship" and terms like "great musicianship and crowd-pleasing" to describe his on-stage persona. 

Complementary contrasts like this are consistent throughout Chambers' musical style. Where his sound is particularly crisp it's also particularly full; where it's especially clean, dark and haunting tones lie just beneath the surface; soothing rhythms give way to fierce energy. 

Chambers' class and clarity, and elegance and intelligence, make a definitive mark on listeners before blending like spice into a Latin beat, a jazz standard, or one of his signature tunes ≈ like Chet Baker's My Funny Valentine which Chambers made his own before renaming My Funky Valentine. 

Whether he's performing original material, traditional jazz, or jazz standards, Thom's understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation for music energizes every sh

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