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Hank Bilal - Blues Boulevard

Hank Bilal - Blues Boulevard

Hank Bilal - Blues Boulevard

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Trombonist Hank Bilal was born in Winnsboro, South Carolina into a musical family where his uncles on his mother’s side all played instruments and his father played drums professionally.

As with many of our southern based musicians Hank Bilal started in church, in the youth choir. And at home there was always the music of gospel greats being heard like The Canton Spirituals, Mississippi Mass Choir, John Pee Kee and The Winans to name a few!

Hanks formal music education began in middle school. Later Hank went on the earn his Bachelor of Arts in music performance. Before turning in the direction of more contemporary jazz Hank spent many years in listening to classic jazz where he was exposed to the giants of the jazz style.

Hank Bilal has shared a performance platform with many great artists, from performing on the Grammys with Aretha Franklin to Gerald Albright, Chaka Khan, Christopher William and The Clark Sisters! Beyond being a veteran trombonist, Hank is also fluent in other performing areas as a pianists, singer and other brass instruments!

You can also add music producer as Hank Bilal has produced multiple albums; to include, The Black Aquarius, Brassential Elements, A Bona Fide Christmas, and is currently riding the success of his new single, Keep Holding On feat Gerald Albright. Full album coming soon!!

Hank Bilal is also an educator and has been teaching elementary grades preK3 through 6th at Martin de Porres Catholic School since 2015.


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