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Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Vinyl is a four man group comprised of hometown Greenville veterans of the music biz. The band plays a wide array of tunes with an emphasis on Rock and Roll. Vinyl prides itself on getting their crowds "in the groove" and always has the crowd dancing and rocking along. If you're looking for toe-tapping fun, Vinyl is the band for you!

Between the five of us, we have over 150 years of professional musical experience. We’ve performed in a lot of different groups, playing all over the world. Over the last few years we’ve found ourselves playing the same standard fare in every band that we’ve been in. It was time to think about something different.

There’s a lot of cool music out there that never gets played. Why not put a band together that can play music that everyone likes, but never hears live?

Thus, Vinyl was born.

Our mission statement is to bring some of the great classic tunes back to life so that a new generation (and our generation) can enjoy them.

If you’re looking for a beach band, we all play in a number of them. This ain’t it. We look forward to opening some eyes, ears and minds along the way.

Enjoy the ride and have some fun!

  • Louie Sagedy
    • Lead Vocals
    • Lead Acoustic Guitar
    • Lead Tambourine
    • Lead Sunglasses-Wearer
  • John Atkins
    • Lead Guitar
    • Vocals
    • Token short Guy
  • John Brookshire
    • Lead Bass
    • No Vocals
  • John Glancy
    • Lead Drums
    • Vocals

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